Thursday, 20 January 2011


Late last year I remixed an AXXONN track for a compilation. That comp is now available here. The full track-lisiting is:

1. Let’s Get It Straight – Monster Monster & Saint Surly

2. Let’s Get It Straight – Little Scout

3. Perfekt Acieed – Scott Arford

4. Perfect For Placid – Jonathan Boulet

5. Mash – REStream

6. Let’s Get It Straight – Toy Balloon

7. If I Had A Heart, Fever Ray [AXXONN Remix]

8. Perfect For Acid – The Sea Shall Not Have Them

9. Let’s Get It Straight – Tape/Off

10. Let’s Get It Straight – Ambrose Chapel

My contribution is a bit more musical than some of my other work. I dunno why. It's still pretty long a dense though. It's also the first recording of mine that utilities the drone/doom synth I built for Ableton Live; something I'm still working on but also something I'm not totally in love with at the moment.

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