Friday, 9 July 2010

What Would Trent Do?

Interesting article over at Wired on Trent Reznor's work flow for How To Destroy angels. It's a step-by-step for a track and includes snippets of the work in progress. I thought the inital step was really great: Reznor and his producer work on two totally different projects then see what happens when they chop and change between then. Nuts. But you can totally hear how it ends up in the song.

I also read somewhere about KTL doing something very similar, with much less song-like results.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ten Years of Bardo Pond

Dan Cohoon has been photographing Bardo Pond for almost ten years and has blogged about it here. Not only is the site a major Bardo-Dorkfest (that's a good thing), it's fun to watch Cohoon get better and better at his craft. His early work starts off fairly plain; the latest batch are tripped out and beautiful.

Favourite Records of 2010 So Far...

Amazon posted their Top 50 albums of the year so far here. I have listened to exactly none of these records. Are any of them any good?

Mess & Noise asked all the contributors to compile a list of what they liked this year. Here's mine:

Document 250407 by Whitehorse (Cassette on Sweat Lung / Sabbatical): Recored live back in 2007 but released earlier this year for the band's national tour, this tape destroys. I bought it on a whim but it hasn't left my stereo all year. My skull actually glows a little when I have it on.

The Witch Must Be Destroyed by Black Boned Angel (LP/Download on Conspiracy Records): This is a world of tar black, slow moving molasses but I can still listen to it on the bus. I'd like to think that says more about Campbell Kneale's ability to make drone/doom as exciting as it is monolithic but maybe I just listen to too much of this stuff and now have an unnaturally high tolerance for it.

Liars by Firewitch (CD on We Empty Rooms): A reissue but who doesn't wouldn't want to listen to dual bass stoner jams from Melbourne's yesteryear when they're as nicely presented as they are in this package.

Mid-Centuary by Do The Robot (Cassette on RR Records): Brisbane duo Do The Robot are a band perfectly suited to cassette. In the past their recorded output has lagged behind them, often documenting already obsolescent ideas and lineups. Here, they present almost exactly where they are and just as well, as their unique brand of dubbed out shoegaze has never sounded better.

We Have Secrets by Nobody Cares (CD/Download on Rice Is Nice) by Seja: This is the type of sunny afternoon synth pop I always imagined Seja played at home by herself for herself. Now we all get to hear it and thank god, it's beautiful.

Monday, 5 July 2010


Facebook made some interesting recommendations today:

If only all political decisions were directly dependent on someone liking Bill Murray. We should all follow Bill Murray. We should do as Bill Murray says. I've always said that.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sydney Show:

My first ever Ambrose Chapel show in Sydney! Details are here and there's a Facebook page here. Should be a good night.