Thursday, 17 June 2010

One Instance Of Deftones Liking Experimental Sound...

Following on from this post, in a recent Deftones interview for Quietus, vocalist Chino Moreno talks about the influence of experimental sound on the band's work:

"Well, we love drone and stuff like that. The majority of the music I listen to is purely instrumental. Not that I don't like singing or singers, it's just that I feel that there's so much optimism in wordless music. The idea that it can take you wherever you want and not confine you to these thoughts or words... It's just music as a feeling, you know? Bringing different soundscapes into our music is always something that we've tried to do. I mean, that was Frank's whole role in the band when we brought him in. At that time, he was just a DJ and his only instrument was a turntable. White Pony was when we really started to experiment with sound more. We were trying to create this disgusting sound with the instruments on that record."

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