Sunday, 5 December 2010

Summer Death Rays put a call out for summer mix tapes and it's been ages since I've put something together. Just be warned regular listeners: this is maximum UNBLEAK and not very metal. This is for BBQing. And Sunday afternoon stocktake.

Summer Death Rays by Ambrose Chapel

1. Blood Rainbow by Tim Hecker
2. Happiness Burns by Two Hours Traffic
3. Bright Paper Werewolves (Ambrose Chapel mix)/Lords of Overstock by Guided By Voices (recorded live for John Peel)
4. Hash Pipe by Weezer VS Sun Bear by My Disco
5. Intoxicated Hands (Demo, Ambrose Chapel mix) by Damien Jurado
6. Desire Lines by Deerhunter
7. Fuck Addict by Torche
8. Don't Know About You by Bardo Pond (their new track!)

Thanks to the Altec Lansing folks for the free swag/vibes:

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