Monday, 6 September 2010


There's a few things on the boil worth mentioning:

  1. I'll be giving an artist presentation at this year's This Is Not Art festival in Newcastle as part of Sound Summit. My workshop will be at 4pm @ Renew Newcastle HQ (3 Thorn St). I'll be mainly talking about doom/drone and Ableton. It's going to be fun and easy-going; you don't need to be a druid or a computer person. I'll also be floating around the festival and popping up on a few panels.
  2. My band No Anchor will playing that night as well at The Cambridge Hotel for the TINA showcase. (We're also supporting Zeni Geva on Sept 24th up here in Brisbane = MAXIMUM HELL YES!)
  3. I'm working on some new stuff. I think I might put something out soon, something small and easy.
  4. I'm going on tour again in November.
That is all.

Thank god.

And satan. And any other associated occult/spiritual forces that guide my hands across the midi-controller.

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