Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I'm going to the This Is Not Art Festival this weekend in Newcastle. Pretty excited. I've never been before.

Here's my stuff:

Around The World In 18 Dates 12pm - 1.30pm: Panel, TPI Auditorium.

Facilitator: Chris Hearn (Sound Summit) Participants: Adam Gauci (Curse Ov Dialect), Emily Hasselhoof (Baaddd, Hoofkake), Ian Rogers (No Anchor, Ambrose Chapel), Millie Millgate (Sounds Australia), Shoeb Ahmad (hellosQuare recordings, Spartak)

The increasing globalisation of the music industry, and the current affordability of long distance travel have made it easier for Australian musicians to export their sounds to an international audience. A well-traveled panel of experts discuss various approaches, the possibilities and the realities of international touring.


Instant Expert: Ableton Undead Exploring the Aesthetics of Drone/Doom Metal 4.00pm - 5.00pm: Artist Presentation, Renew Newcastle HQ. Facilitator: Ian Rogers (No Anchor, Ambrose Chapel).

The affective power and popularity of doom/drone metal can be partly attributed to it’s accessibility. Over the past year Ambrose Chapel (aka Ian Rogers of No Anchor) has explored this aspect of doom/drone, experimenting with and building a variety of software patches to be presented and released at this demonstration.


TINA Showcase Gig 7.30pm - 2.00am: Performance, Cambridge Hotel.

Performers: Jason Forrest (USA), Tantrums (Vic), Scattered Order, No Anchor (Qld - that's my band), Geodesic Domes, PA, Chris Cerrito, Cock Safari, Black Math

Premier local, national and international acts from Sound Summit and Electrofringe programs showcased over two nights.

Tickets each night $12 +BF presale / $15 on the door $20 +BF two night festival pass (presale only) from, The Cambridge Hotel and 1300 GET TIX.


Outside The Square 12pm - 1.30pm: Panel, TPI Auditorium.

Facilitator: Andrew Tuttle (Sound Summit) Participants: Ian Rogers (No Anchor, Ambrose Chapel), Emily Hasselhoof (Baaddd, Hoofkake), Jason Forrest (Cock Rock Disco, Nightshifters, DJ Donna Summer; USA), Stuart Buchanan (New Weird Australia)

The path to success as a rock star/superstar DJ/internationally acclaimed troubadour is littered with contradictory messages as to what and what not to do. Both “old” (write + record + tour +... so on) and “new” (facespace + iTwit + annoy all and sundry) methods of spreading the word about your creative talents seem to be the best way to be heard; however a select group of people manage to forge their own niche by distinctly playing ‘outside the rules’.

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  1. The Drone Metal thing looks awesome. Good work