Friday, 30 July 2010

Tourism #3 (The End)


Oh Sydney, you wretched drab weirdo, we meet again. It's been a good long while but I love you and I hate you and you love and hate me back don't you. Thankfully, I'm in the sheltered workshop of New Weird Australia. They treat me well, better than I play this night where unexpected (but not all together unwelcome) carnage visits my laptop and the PA. Stu tells me he likes it.

The Red Rattler is beautiful. And as I stroll down the rainy streets of Marrickville trying to find it, as the planes fly close overhead and the holes in my shoes let the damp in, I think it's been a good time this tour. Thank god/satan for Sound Travellers (RIP).

PS: In a room in Sydney city is me. There is - strangely - free internet access and a computer terminal in my room. Free pirated movies too. I check the internet history, I have to. It's a bad idea. The guy two nights back probably fucked a prostitute in my bed. That's what it says right there on the screen.


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