Sunday, 23 May 2010

I let those feelings haunt me, they control me, but tonight I'm letting go.
You're more then just a photo album, you're more than what some people let you know.
And if we ever make it home, I'll tell you all the things that shaped me thus:
Something forged in a phonebox but lost in a restaurant...


Pretty much my favourite lyric ever. It's from the Arab Strap song 'The Shy Retirer':

In a world almost choked half to death by pop songs about relationships, those lines are all of it in clear, brutal simplicity. Overlaid over the song's thumping/cheesy beat, it's what I remember. How many people have I met out and at night's end there's just the same sad stories: I'm only here because things went wrong. A relationship reduced down to a starting event (a call from a phonebox) to the final one (a scene in a restaurant), this is Adian Moffat at his most bleak and reductive.

It's fucking genius. And strangely reassuring.

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