Saturday, 3 October 2009

From There To Who Knows Where...

Just got back from Melbourne City the other night. Great show at Stutter / Horse Bazaar. Thanks so much to all the paying punters, Annalee, Tom Hall and Matt/Ducktails.

Horse Bazaar's nice PA gave me ample headroom to try out new 'double big muff' processing techniques. One is never enough with distortion pedals.

Now I'm tried and bored.

That Stutter show was the end of an era for this project. I like my current set: a piece that evolved and devolved during the AXXONN/Ambrose Chapel/ Tom Hall European Tour earlier this year BUT it's time to document and move on. I found some nice sounds with that set but I want to go to different places with them. What I have is very Berlin August 2009 but for the moment/forever I'm in Brisbane 1976-Present.

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